About David Gardner

I live part-time in San Francisco and part-time in a 26 ft. Lazy Daze motorhome, christened Carpe Diem, pursuing my photographic interests across the continent. I am largely self-taught, but consider my longtime friendship with fine art photographer Stephen Johnson, and the likes of Richard Misrach and Edward Burtynsky to be the basis of my photographic inspiration and proficiency. I studied graphic arts and multimedia design at San Francisco State University, and attend classes and lectures at the San Francisco Art Institute as time permits. My photographs have been exhibited across the country and internationally.

Over the past 30 years, I have attempted to hone my vision to better reflect the essence of the landscape as I see it. During much of that time, my approach became quite contemplative, and resulting images more intimate and simple in design. My belief is that the true genius of nature lies in the subtlest of moments.

Recently I have shifted my emphasis, as the difficulty of isolating landscapes free of human intervention has increased. I not only include evidence of human impact, but also people, in the context of the landscape, now appear. I am looking more at how we use land and what we communicate through that use. In order to preserve what we have, I believe it is important to reveal what we are losing.

Solo/Sm. Group Exhibits:
2017 - "Life on Wheels: The New American Nomads". Irene Carlson Gallery of Photography. CA.
2015 - "Life on Wheels: The New American Nomads". Open Shutter Gallery. Durango, CO.
2014 - "The Documentary Project". Davis | Orton Gallery, NY. 
2013 - "Take Me Away", David Gardner, Alice Shaw, Rebecca Horn, S.F. City Hall Gallery, CA.
2012 - "Marking Our Place in the World," David Gardner, Stephen Johnson. Viewpoint Gallery.
2009 - "Marking Our Place in the World," San Francisco Airport Museums, CA. 
2006 – "Examples," 8 recent photographs. Starbucks Gallery, 24th St. San Francisco, CA.
1992 - "End of the Road," Survey of the Embarcadero Freeway. U.C. Berkeley Extension, San Francisco, CA.
1987 - "Alumni Show," Skyline Collage, San Bruno, CA.
1984 - "Polaroidian Slips," Manipulated, enlarged Polaroid SX-70 prints. Augusta's, San Francisco.
1984 - Three examples from "The Witness Series." SFMOMA. Rental Gallery, San Francisco, CA.
1983 - "Colour," Color prints by three photographers. Eye Gallery, San Francisco, CA.

Juried Exhibits:
PhotoPlace Gallery. Contempory Landscape. 2 prints. Juror: Jacob and Alissa Hessler.
Photolucida. Critical Mass Top 200. Project - Into the Anthropocene.
SFWA. Language & Letters. September Show. San Francisco, CA. 1 Print Selected by Anne Herbst, Far Out Gallery, SF.
ACCi Gallery. Gold Metal & Portfolio Award. Ann Jastrab, Elizabeth Avedon, Julie Grahame , David Garnick.
Spiva Center for the Arts. PhotoSpiva 2019. 1 print selected. Patty Carroll, photographer.
Gray Loft Gallery. Something Blue. 1 print selected by Ann Jastrab, Jan Watten.
University of Texas at Tyler. 34th Annual International Exhibition. 1 Print Selected by Christina Rees, Editor-in-Chief, Glasstire.
SFWA. World of Abstraction. January Show. San Francisco, CA. 1 Print Selected by Anne Herbst, Far Out Gallery, SF.
Photographic Center NW. 22n Juried Photography Exhibition, Seattle, WA. Print Selected by Conor Risch, PDN Senior Editor.

Axis Gallery. 13th National Juried Exhibition. Sacramento, CA. 1 Print Selected by  Lucía Sanromán.
ACCi Gallery. Gold Metal, Portfolio Award. Debra Klomp Ching, Aline Smithson, David Garnick.
Southeast Center for Photography. Home. 1 print selected by Aline Smithson.
Spiva Center for the Arts. PhotoSpiva 2018. Merit Award. 3 prints selected. Henry Horenstein, Photographer.

Photolucida. Critical Mass 2017 Top 200. Project - Life on Wheels: The New American Nomads.
Marion Center Photographic Arts, Santa Fe. ZENITH: Center's International Award Winners. 
Multiple Exposures Gallery. Photo '17. Juror: Molly Roberst, Senior Editor, National Geographic.
Center Choice Awards. Directors Choice 2nd Place. Juror: Kim Sajet, National Portrait Gallery.
The Image Flow. Reflect & Engage. Jurors: Linda Connor, Henrik Kam, Jeff Breidenbach.
Gray Loft Gallery, Oakland, CA. Into the Light. 2 prints selected. Juror: Judy Walgren.
Spiva Center for the Arts. PhotoSpiva 2017. 1 print selected. Juror: Örjan Henriksson.

Emerald Art Center. 1st Annual Photo Exhibition. 2 prints. Jurors: Susie Morril, David Turner.
Ann Arbor Arts Center. Real American. 1 print selected. Juror: Peter Baker.
Gallery - Site: Brooklyn. American Road Trip. 2 prints selected. Juror: Erik Hougen.
Spiva Center for the Arts. PhotoSpiva 2016. 1 print selected. Juror: Sean Kernan.

Darkroom Gallery. H2O. 1 print selected. Juror: Gary Braasch.
Darkroom Gallery. Curvilinear. 1 print selected. Juror: Sarah Hadley.
PhotoPlace Gallery. Going Places. 1 print selected. Juror: Carlan Tapp.
Center For Fine Art Photography - Landscapes. 1 print selected. Juror: Chantel Paul.
University of N. Florida Gallery of Art. Regarding Leisure. Jurors: Christopher Luhar-Trice.
Spiva Center for the Arts. PhotoSpiva 2015. 2 prints Honorable Mention. Juror: Shannon Perich.
RayKo Photo Center - San Francisco, CA. Plastic Camera Show. 1 print selected. Juror: Ann Jastrab.

PhotoPlace Gallery. Traces Left Behind: Evidence of Humanity. 1 print. Juror: Matthew Christopher.
LH Horton Jr Gallery. Stockton, CA.. 2014 Photography Exhibition. Documentary Photography. Best of Show. Juror: Mark Leong.
Griffin Museum of Photography. 20th Juried Exhibition. Juror: Aline Smithson.
4 X 5 Gallery/Dickerman Prints. Home. Jurors: Gwen Lafage, Dave Christensen.
Ft. Wayne Museum of Art. The National Best Contempory Photography 2014. 2 prints selected.

RayKo Photo Center, San Francisco. The Easiest SeasonHonorable Mention. Juror: Ann Jastrab.
RayKo Photo Center, San Francisco. Me, Myself, I. Juror. David Hilliard.
Griffin Museum of Photography. 19th Juried Exhibition. 1 print selected. Juror: Kathy Ryan.
MPLS Photo Center. Home: Where We Live. 2 prints seected. Juror: David Fraher.
Spiva Center for the Arts. PhotoSpiva 2013. Juror:Natasha Egan.
RayKo Photo Center, San Francisco. Center Forward. Juror: Hamidah Glasgow, Ann Jastrab.
Wallspace Gallery - Seattle. Beautiful My Desire. New Directions 2013, Juror: Ann Jastrab.
Wallspace Gallery - Santa Barbara. Beautiful My Desire. New Directions 2013. Juror: Ann Jastrab.
Center for Fine Art Photography, Colorado. Box Squared. Juror: Kim ARam.

Newspace Center for Photography. 4th Annual Members Showcase. Juror: Staff.
The Kiernan Gallery. Terrain. Juror: Sean Kernan.
Center for Fine Art Photography. Center Forward. Jurors: Hamidah Glasgow, Ann Jastrab.
A. Smith Gallery. TPS 21 International Competition. Texas Photographic Society. Juror: Aline Smithison
Spiva Center for the Arts. PhotoSpiva 2012. Juror: Andrew L Moore.
Colorado Photographic Arts Center. iWorld. Jurors: Chuck Mobley, SF Camerawork; Brian Paul Clamp, Owner ClampArt, NYC.
Black Box Gallery. Landscape: The Eloquent Light. Juror: Lauren Henkin.

3rd Annual Members Showcase. Newspace Center For Photography. Portland, OR.
California Fine Art Competition. Juror: Kent Lacin. 3 Awards of Merit.
Newspace Center for Photography. The Good Earth. Juror: Laura Valenti. Program Director.
Mpls Photo Center. Urban View / Rural Sights • Documenting a Sense of Place. Juror: David Travis.

Vermont Photo Space. Managed Landscapes. Juror: Thomas Bachand. People's Choice Award. 
California Fine Art Competition. Juror: Kurt Fishback. Award of Merit.
Mpls Photo Center. Landscape • Unfeigned or Illusory. Juror: Todd Brondo.
Center For Fine Art Photography. Red. 1 print selected. Juror: Amber Terranova.
Spiva Center for the Arts. PhotoSpiva 2010. Juror: Deborah Klochko, Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego.
Center For Fine Art Photography. Elements of Water. 1 print selected. Juror: John Paul Caponigro.

Center For Fine Art Photography. Art in Nature. 1 print selected. Juror: Kathy Moran.
International Photography Awards 2009. 3 entries received Honorable Mentions.
California Fine Art Competition. Juror: Sharmon Goff. Award of Excellence.
Spiva Center for the Arts. PhotoSpiva 2009. Juror: Jim Stone. 3rd Place Award.

International Photography Awards 2008. 2nd place Award - Bridges Catagory.
International Color Awards - Photography Masters Cup. Nomination - Abstract category.
New Orleans Photo Alliance. Elemental/Environmental: SPACE. Juror: Juror: Gary Braasch.
Center for Fine Art Photography. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Juror: Andrew Darlow.

Texas Tech University International Curtural Center. High and Dry. Juror: Norman Mauskopf.
The Darkroom. New Orleans' Photographic Arts Center. The Red Show. Juror: Richard Sexton.
Pilsner Urquell International Photography Awards 2007. 2 Honorable Mentions Awarded.
Coastal Arts League of Half Moon Bay, CA. Through a Lens - Life in Motion. Juror: Michael Collopy.
Spiva Center for the Arts. PhotoSpiva 2007.  Juror: John Paul Caponigro.
Center for Fine Art Photography. The Art of Digital Imagery. Juror: George DeWolfe, Seinor Editor CameraArts Magazine. 

Art Center of Estes Park, CO. 2006 National Juried Photographic Exhibition. Lines into Shapes. Honorable Mention.
California Fine Art Competition. Juror: Jack Fulton. Merit Award.
Toledo Friends of Photography 2006 National Juried Photographic Exhibition. Juror: Kathy Vargas.

Sebastopol Center for the Arts. Botanica. September show. Juror: Adam Wolport.
Marin Society of Artists. Open Fine Arts. August show. Jurors: Tom Soltesz, Mary Edwards.
Sebastopol Center for the Arts. A Moment in Time. July show. Juror: Art Rogers.

1984 - 1989
Eroticism: West Coast Expression," The best of West Coast Erotic Art. Gallery Six-Oh-One, San Francisco, CA.
"Contrasts," B & W photography exhibit. 3rd Place. Juror: Joseph Folberg, Director Vision Gallery, San Francisco, CA. 
San Jose Art League's 18th Annual Photography Competition. Juror: Robert McDonald, De Saisset Museum, Santa Clara, CA. 
Monterey Museum of Art 4th Annual Photography Competition. Juror: James Alinder, Director Friends of Photography, CA. "California Works," San Jose Art League. Juror: Henry Hopkins, Director SFMOMA, San Francisco, CA.

1994-2000 San Francisco State University Extended Education. Multimedia Studies Certificate Program. Graduated June 1996.
Portfolio project: Golden Gate Park Interactive.
1994 Photoshop Conference, January 24 - 26, Sheraton Palace Hotel, San Francisco, CA.
1993 The Digital Photography Workshop, May 21-22. Graphic Arts Institute, San Francisco, CA.
1985 One year study program. San Francisco Art Institute.
1979-1981 Skyline College, San Bruno, CA. Advanced photography. Stephen Johnson, instructor.

Honors & Grants
2019 - Photolucida. Critical Mass Top 200. Project - Into the Anthropocene
2017 - Photolucida. Critical Mass Top 200. Project - Life on Wheels: The New American Nomads
2017 - CENTER'S Review Santa Fe. Invited to attend, Project: Into the Anthropocene.
2017 - 2nd Pl Directors Award. Into the Anthropocene. Juror: Kim Sajet, Director, National Portrait Gallery, Simthsonian.
2014 - Life on Wheels: The New American Nomads, in CENTER'S Review Santa Fe.
2014 - Awarded Photomedia Center's 2013 Contempory Imagemakers Grant. Life on Wheels: The New American Nomads.
2013 - Selected Portfolio, Life on Wheels: The New American Nomads, in San Francisco PhotoAlliance portfolio review.
2012 - Selected Portfolio, Life on Wheels: The New American Nomads, in San Francisco PhotoAlliance portfolio review.
2011 - Roundtable Review. RayKo Photo Center, San Francisco. Juried in.
2010 - Selected Portfolio, Marking Our Place in the World, in San Francisco PhotoAlliance portfolio review.
2009 - Selected Portfolio, Marking Our Place in the World, in CENTER'S Review Santa Fe.
2008 - Our World. Presented by Sand Francisco PhotoAlliance. Juried in.
2007 - Review LA. Presented by CENTER. Non-juried.

Collections: San Francisco Arts Commission, permanent collection. 

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Art Photo Index.
Lens Culture.

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2007 - StreetFilms.org. Contributed still images for pro biking organization in New York City. View Site
2006 - Photographers Forum. Finalist, Best of Photography Annual 2006.
2006 - Stephen Johnson On Digital Photography. Portrait of Stephen Johnson
2003 - Francis Scott Key, Patriotic Poet. Francis Key memorial, photographed in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.
1998 - Walks in Downtown San Francisco. Embarcadero demolition photograph.
1986 - Soma Direct, Quarterly magazine. Featured photograph.
1983 - Best of Photography Forum, Finalist, Best of Photography Annual 1983.